Cross-Channel Performance Dashboard

The AdRoll Cross-Channel Performance Dashboard gives you a holistic view of your online marketing activities and their effects on your conversion and revenue metrics.

Utilizing UTMs (urchin tracking modules), AdRoll is able to identify and deduplicate the conversion and revenue numbers coming from each individual channel.


The Cross-Channel Performance Dashboard has a lot of features that make it discoverable, helpful, and easy-to-use.

  • Homepage location: The dashboard lives on the homepage to make it easier for customers to locate the helpful information contained within the dashboard.


  • Visual approach to data: Data is easy to read and understand by using a visual approach to your data. It's easy to understand what's happening across your entire marketing stack, by channel, and by campaign at a glance. Metric deltas quickly identify the increase or decrease in your key metrics over time by channel and campaign.


  • Campaign level data granularity: Drill down further into your channel level data to get valuable insight into the performance of each individual campaign within each channel. Use this data to help determine what is working and what is not within a certain channel, helping optimize performance.


  • Link to AdRoll campaign: Have a change you want to make in your AdRoll campaigns after seeing the data in the Cross-Channel Performance dashboard? Link directly from the dashboard to your campaigns to make editing quick and easy.


  • Optimization suggestions: The dashboard provides optimization suggestions that can help you determine where to increase or decrease budgets in order to maximize overall conversion and revenue performance across channels. Our dashboard sifts through all of your cross channel data for you and highlights three campaigns that we feel should be adjusted utilizing three key metrics to help in identification (conversions, revenue, and AOV).


  • UTM Link Builder: Don’t see one of your channels in this dashboard? Use our AdRoll UTM link builder to help get the data flowing into the dashboard. In the tools drop down on the top right select Create New UTM to bring up our UTM Builder assistant.


How it works

Utilizing the data we gather via our onsite pixel, UTM-tagged marketing channels are captured and brought together into a unified reporting dashboard.


To get started, take a look at the first three filters and determine if the defaults are what you need. If not, change these filters to manipulate the data using your preferred conversion segment, attribution model, and time range.


With these filters in place, you are now ready to start digging into the data and insights across all tracked channels in your marketing stack!

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