Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising consists of an ad that can show up on web pages and applications that are viewed on mobile devices like a cell phone or tablet.

Since most of the users prefer to access their mobile devices rather than desktops because of the convenience it offers, mobile advertising allows and makes it easier to reach a higher number of audiences. 

Setting Up a Campaign 

It follows the general campaign launch process where you need to add only the mobile ad size, which will ensure your ad is being served only on mobile devices. 

Every display ad campaign type on AdRoll supports mobile advertising: 

By default, the ads will be set to serve on all the devices: Desktop, Mobile Web and Mobile App.


Creative Guidance

In general display ads attracts the audience of a website, social media platform or other digital medium to take a specific action.

We support a mobile-specific ad size (320x50 Mobile Leaderboard and 300x250)

Inventory sources

Our mobile app supply partners are Google, StartApp, Bidswitch, and OpenX. 

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