What is the AdRoll Pixel Assistant?

Pixel Assistant is a tool to validate your AdRoll Pixel integration, visualize audiences, and tag high intent pages with appropriate categories, all of which help you drive better campaign performance.


How does it work?

Pixel Assistant allows you to:

  • Verify and validate your Pixel integration. 
  • Visualize your audience type and their performance on the website along with supporting validations for conversation tracking. 
  • Tag high and low intent pages and check the system’s effectiveness of tracking on those web pages.

How to launch the Pixel Assistant

  1. Navigate to the left navigation menu and click Website under Audience.


  2. Scroll down the page to the AdRoll Pixel section and click Launch. From the pop-up modal, click Launch once again.


  3. You will be routed to your website and the Pixel Assistant welcome screen pop-up will appear. Click Let's Do It to get started.


  4. The Pixel Assistant will prompt you to visit your high user traffic webpages and validate the following: 
      • Use Pixel Assistant to tag your website page categories by navigating to the important pages on your website and use the Product Category tab to select the right page category.


      • Use Pixel Assistant to validate if conversion is detected on your conversion page. You may run the Pixel Assistant on your conversion page and verify if your conversions are tracked.


      • Use Pixel Assistant to validate the audiences on you important pages.


      • Use Pixel Assistant to validate if any Product IDs are missing from being tracked.


      • The effectiveness of the campaign performance is dependent on the AdRoll Pixel coverage. Pixel Assistant helps you discover the important pages that are missing the AdRoll Pixel. Simply download the report , review, and take actions.

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