Creating a Cross-Channel Ads Campaign in your Recipe

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Once you have completed the setup steps for your Recipe and have clicked on the “Ads” node, you are ready to set up your cross-channel ads campaigns! While most of these steps will be filled out for you, there are a few areas that will require your attention.

How to set up your cross-channel ads campaigns

  1. Complete your Campaign Settings. Select which channels you would like your ads to run across and how you would like budget to be distributed across them.
    • Select Campaign Channels. We recommend running campaigns across both web and Facebook & Instagram to maximize reach. You are always able to add in a channel after launch.


    • Select your Budget Distribution and enter daily budget.
      • Optimize Across Channels. This is the recommended option for cross-channel campaigns. This option allows AdRoll to intelligently optimize your budget across both channels based on channel performance.
    • Separate Budgets for each channel. This option allows you to set a specific budget for each channel. This option is recommended if you have a set budget for each channel. 
  2. Set up your Facebook Channel. You can skip to step 3 if you are only running a Web channel.
    • Connect your Facebook page (required) and Instagram account (optional).

    • Scroll past Audiences. Your Audience is pre-set based on your Recipe.
    • Choose your ad type.
      On Facebook/Instagram, you cannot mix dynamic ads with static ads. Once you make your selection and launch your campaign, this is not changeable.
    • Dynamic ads. This is the recommendation for those with a product feed.
    • Static/Video ads. Recommendation for those without a product feed.


    • Add your ads. You can choose ads from ads in your ads library or create/upload new ones. Note: For dynamic ads, you can only choose or create.


  3. Set up your Web Channel. You can skip to step 4 if you are only running Facebook/Instagram.
    • Scroll past Audiences. Your Audience is pre-set based on your Recipe. 
    • Add your ads. You can mix and match static and dynamic ads in Web campaigns.


  4. Enter payment information (if needed) and press Submit.
  5. If both your channel campaigns were submitted successfully, you will see a success screen.

Failed Channel(s) Troubleshooting

If one or both of your channels failed, you will need to fix the errors or delete the failed channel(s) prior to launch. 

  • Press ‘edit’ to return to the buyflow to see where your error occurred. Please note: if one of the channels succeeded, it is now live.


  • If you are able to, fix the error and resubmit.
  • If you do not want to fix the error, you can delete the failed channel.
  • If you do not know how to fix the error, please reach out to customer support via support chat.
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