Minority-owned Badges


As an AdRoll or RollWorks customer (both divisions of NextRoll Inc.) you can use the Minority-owned Badges to tell your customers about the identity of your business if you are based in the US or Canada and self-identify as Asian-owned, Black-owned, LatinX-owned, LGBTQ+ owned, Native American-owned, or Women-owned.

Note: Self-identification is fully optional.

How it works

By enabling the Minority-owned Badges for your ads and/or email templates, you will be able to showcase the selected badge(s) in your ads or emails. 


The badge will contain a link to this Help Center article to provide more information to the visitor.

How to add a Minority-owned Badge to your ads

  1. Go to left navigation menu and click Ad Library.


  2. Click on Create and select Create Dynamic Ad from the drop-down.


  3. Under Web Dynamic Product Ads, click on the Theme drop-down and select a Badge-eligible Theme. You will see a Screen_Shot_2021-05-25_at_4.19.45_PM.png symbol next to any Badge-eligible theme.


  4. Click Accept to agree to the terms of service.


  5. Click on Business Badge drop-down and select the Badge you want to add.


  6. When you're finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Create.


How to add a Minority-owned Badge to email templates

You can add a Minority-owned Badge to any new or existing email templates. 

To configure or edit the design of your email content:

  1. Click on Design Email and select how you want to build your email. If you are editing an existing email, click Edit Email Design.


  2. Drag the Badges icon from the Content panel in the right and drop it in the email editor and click on the Select a Minority-Owned Badge button. 


  3. Click Accept to agree to the terms of service.


  4. Click on one of the Badges, and click on the Select Badge button.


  5. You can adjust the size of the badge by switching off the Auto width toggle in the right panel options and dragging the slider to your desired size %.


  6. You can change the badge by clicking on it in the editor and then click the Select a Minority-Owned Badge button in the right panel.

  7. To save and leave the email editor, click Next.


Reporting improper usage of a Minority-owned Badge

If you have reason to believe that a business has incorrectly self-identified, please contact us at support@nextroll.com with your concern and we will work in good faith to resolve the issue.

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