How to update DNS for AdRoll Email Authentication

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A DNS Host is your external tool that manages your domain (your website’s name) and the different internet records associated with it.

When you are configuring DNS to enable AdRoll, such as email authentication within AdRoll, you’ll need to take the DNS “records” supplied by AdRoll and copy/paste them into your external “DNS Host” tool.

Discover which DNS Host you are using

The information about which DNS Host you are using for your domain is public information on the internet. So if you want to remember which one it is, you just need to query it. For example, in the case below, we’ve used a tool called “MxToolBox” to perform a “DNS Check” for “”, which shows us that “NS1” is our DNS Host. If AdRoll's IT team needs to make changes to DNS, they would need to go to its NS1 tool to make those changes.

Correspondingly, if you or your IT team wants to know which DNS Host needed to configure your domain’s DNS, you can perform the same lookup for your domain using MxToolBox. Just make sure to enter your own domain name, and select the “DNS Lookup” query type, like this:


Top DNS Hosts (links to support documentation)

Once you have determined your DNS Host, you can follow their own technical support documentation for guides on how to setup DNS within those systems. Here are some top DNS Hosts used by other AdRoll customers, with their corresponding DNS technical support documentation.


Shopify DNS





Azure DNS

Setup email authentication (video walkthrough)

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