Cart Abandonment with AdRoll

Is your current cart recovery solution leaving money out of your reach?

Most cart recovery solutions are only able to recover shoppers who entered an email during the checkout process. With AdRoll, you can recover double the carts, twice as quickly by using our powerful AI to identify and bring customers back from wherever they’re at on the web, social and in email.

Ready to take your cart abandonment strategy to the next level? Get started today!

Connect your Shopify store in 2 minutes or less

Start bringing more customers back to the point of purchase in just a few minutes with our intuitive Shopify Integration. Our platform automatically puts your customer data to work for you by setting up automated email and ad campaigns based on customer behavior. 

Get the most from every marketing dollar

Most cart recovery solutions are email-only, which restricts you to only the customers you already know. With AdRoll, we’re able to recover the shoppers you know and the ones you don’t by combining web and social ads with email and our industry-leading AI that’s been proven to bring back twice as many customers, twice as quickly for brands like yours. 


AdRoll is committed to privacy and security. Learn more about how we gather, use and secure information in compliance with all industry standards and laws.

Your data in action

Our cross-channel data and attribution dashboard doesn’t just give you the numbers you need, it gives you actionable insights that help you optimize your campaigns, spend your budget in better ways and reach the audiences that matter most. 

Don’t just take our word for it

Here are just a few of the customers using AdRoll to solve for cart abandonment. 


"By the second week of our retargeting campaign, we started to see a consistent increase in our store’s conversion rate. We used both Web and Facebook Dynamic Retargeting Ads to ‘remind’ shoppers about the products they liked on our site. They returned to purchase more quickly than before."

Volcanica Coffee

"AdRoll uses machine learning to analyze its conversions. It creates top 20% lists of visitors exhibiting a specific behavior, including abandoning an item in their shopping cart when leaving the site. You can then target these high intent audiences within existing campaigns to compare performance between different audience groups, or you can exclude them to minimize overlap between targeting. It's an excellent way to tweak who sees your message and better allocate your advertising spend."

Payton Jewelry

"We’re also attacking cart abandonment, with abandoned cart recovery sequences, as well as taking advantage of the product recommendation carousel and capturing new visitors via email to build direct relationships with potential customers and engage them long term."

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