What is a Marketing Recipe?

A marketing recipe is guided setup experience that leverages AdRoll's suite of products to help grow your brand.

Tell us your business objectives and we’ll guide you through the right combination of AdRoll features to tackle it.

How it works

We've combined a recommended list of ingredients to help you achieve your desired marketing goal. For example, the cart abandonment recipe includes a web ad campaign, a social ad campaign, and an email campaign that all target the same audience and optimize towards the same goal of cart recovery.

Follow a marketing recipe

You can follow a marketing recipe from either the homepage or from the Recipes tab.

From the homepage:

  1. Click Home from the left navigation menu and click on the Grow Your Business tab at the top.
  2. Navigate to the Follow a Marketing Recipe card and browse available recipes.
  3. Select the recipe you want to follow.
  4. Click Get Started.

From the Recipes tab:

  1. Click Recipes from the left navigation menu.
  2. Click the Follow Recipe button on the marketing recipe of your choice.

Available marketing recipes

More recipes coming soon...

Marketing Recipes
Attract New Visitors Retarget Website Visitors Cart Abandonment


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