How to setup AdRoll’s Advanced Tracking

Before starting this guide you must have upgraded to AdRoll’s Advanced Tracking.

  1. Go to Measure and click on Cross Channel Attribution from the left navigation menu.


  2. Setup your AdRoll Pixel. First on the Setup Checklist is to Connect AdRoll to your website. If your AdRoll Pixel is not yet connected then click Connect to set this up.
  3. Follow the instructions on the popup to manually place your pixel, or follow our installation guide here. When your pixel has been placed click Verify Connection and then click Done.



  4. Next on the Setup Checklist is creating a conversion segment. Conversion segments are required in order to generate conversions for our dashboard. Start creating a conversion segment by clicking Create. Follow the instructions in the modal. When you are finished, click Done.



  5. And finally, last on the Setup Checklist is connecting your marketing channels. Once you have your pixel and conversion segments configured, you can connect your channels by clicking on Connect Now. This will bring you to the Connect and Tag Marketing Channels page. Use this page to find channels you’d like to track. Click on the channel name to add that channel and begin the connection process.




    In this example, we add two channels:

    1. Affiliate, a manually tagged channel. This channel requires tags to be manually generated. More information about that process can be found here.
    2. Google Ads, a directly connected channel. This channel’s tags are managed automatically by our Direct Connection. Spend related metrics (Spend, ROAS, CPA) are available for this channel.


    For more information on placing Click and Impression tags, or for Channel specific connection instructions, visit our Click and Impression tags section.

  6. Congratulations, you’ve successfully set up AdRoll’s Advanced Tracking!
    Note: We require 24 hours to receive data and begin showing your results from our Conversion Paths and Attribution models. While you wait, ensure your click and impression tags are successfully added to your respective channels.

You can visit the Advanced Tracking dashboard any time by going to Measure > Cross Channel Attribution.

For more information about Advanced Tracking use cases, check out our the Intro to Advanced Tracking section.

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