Marketing Recipe: Cart Abandonment

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Drive visitors with products in their carts back to your website and over the finish line to complete a purchase by following the Convert Cart Abandoners Marketing Recipe.


Visitors who are influenced by both email and ads can convert twice as fast as visitors that are only influenced by ads!

Our cart abandonment recipe includes:

  • Web ads
  • Social ads
  • Automated emails

How it works

When a customer walks away from an item in their cart, AdRoll triggers an email showing the item left in the cart and launches display ads reminding them of the product they just abandoned. Pairing ads and email together gives shoppers the gentle nudge they need to finish checking out.

You only need a couple things to get started:

  • Your website connected to AdRoll enables us to track your website visitors.
  • Your cart abandonment audience defined enables us to target visitors who abandon their carts but have not yet made a purchase.

Note: Depending on your ecommerce platform or existing email provider, you may already have a built-in cart abandonment flow that is running.

You must pause or cancel any of these default platform cart abandonment sequences in order for our cart abandonment recipe to work.

How to convert cart abandoners

  1. From the homepage, click the Grow Your Business tab at the top and select Convert Cart Abandoners from the Follow a Marketing Recipe section.


    You can also launch the Convert Cart Abandoners recipe by navigating to
    the Recipes tab from the left navigation menu and clicking Follow Recipe.


  2. Review the overview modal on how it works, recipe requirements, and a quick video tutorial.


  3. Give your Cart Abandonment recipe a name.


  4. Enter the recipe workflow builder.


  5. Define your cart abandonment audience if you haven’t already.


  6. Begin to create your recipe by setting up your (1) Web & Social Ad and (2) Email sequence.


    Note: you are not required to set up all channels, but visitors who are influenced by both email and ads can convert twice as fast vs visitors that are only influenced by ads!
  7. Click Save and Exit.


  8. Congratulations, you have successfully set up your Cart Abandonment recipe! 🎉

    You can review your Cart Abandonment Recovery metrics on the homepage under your Analyze Performance tab or from the Recipes tab.


Cart Abandonment Recipe in action!

Check out one of our customers below who’ve had great results using our Cart Abandonment Recipe! 💪🏻

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