Guide to Brand Awareness Campaigns

It can be tempting to set your sights on conversions, revenue, and leads and forget where it all begins: brand awareness. Just like you wouldn’t flip to the end of a book and expect to get the full value of the story, your approach to marketing shouldn’t ignore the pivotal moment when a potential customer becomes aware of your brand or product.

This guide highlights the key factors you should consider in order to launch an effective brand awareness campaign. 

First, learn the different types of Brand Awareness Campaigns you can run

Our AI does all the work of identifying new shoppers who look and act like your best customers. By targeting digital profiles similar to those of your existing customers, Lookalike automates new customer acquisition by attracting new audiences who are likely to convert and become customers.

When is this Useful? A Lookalike Brand Awareness campaign is useful if you have a sufficient amount of conversion data in your AdRoll dashboard, 150 visitors bucketed into your conversion segment or more. The more data you have, the more accurate your targeting will be! If you have enough conversion data stored and would like the algorithm's assistance in determining a potential new audience, a Lookalike campaign might be right for you!

Note: You do not need 150 attributed conversions, just total conversions.

Demo & Interest
With Demographics and Interest targeting, you can identify what your ideal customer looks like, and find more like them by targeting attributes (like age, gender, net worth) as well as their interests (sports, fashion, food, and more).

When is this Useful? A D&I campaign might be useful for your business if you have an idea of what characteristics make up your target audience. This campaign could also help you to refine your understanding of your ideal customer by testing different attributes against each other.

Contextual targeting lets you showcase your brand alongside content with which you want your brand to be associated. You can choose from categories that are relevant to your industry or target market (like sports, educational, or travel sites).

When is this Useful? A Contextual campaign may be right for you if you want to see your brand showcased next to content you know your target audience is interested in. This works well at casting a slightly broader net that is still relevant to your brand and audience.

Second, set up your Brand Awareness Campaign

To get started with a brand awareness campaign, either navigate to your home page or the ad campaign tab of your dashboard. Select which type of brand awareness campaign you’d like to launch. Enter your campaign name, budget, optimization strategy, and schedule. 

Specify the location that you’d like the campaign to serve such as the United States, Canada, etc. If you have multiple ad sets you’d like to use you can create additional ad groups within the campaign by selecting advanced settings. Once you have the desired number of ad groups you’ll need to upload the ads into their respective ad groups. 

After you’ve completed each section of the campaign, select the preferred billing method and launch your campaign. 

Next, what to expect in your 1st month

During the first month of your brand awareness campaign, it is important to consider the ramping period. The campaign begins by gathering data about the prospective audience you’re targeting and which of your ads work best across each channel. The campaign then applies those learnings to find the best prospective audiences and tunes your performance toward achieving your goal to drive new engaged users.

All campaigns have a ramping period of 2 - 4 weeks so it is important to allow time for the campaign to learn.

Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that the targeted traffic of a brand awareness campaign lives at the very top of your funnel, so it’ll take a bit longer to get them to the point of conversion than a retargeting campaign, which targets traffic in your mid and lower funnel.

Finally, analyze your campaign performance 

Because a Brand Awareness campaign lives at the top of your funnel, its performance will be reflected through different metrics than your mid and lower-funnel campaigns.

Check out our brand awareness performance and optimization tips for more info.

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