Connect AdRoll to my Magento store

Save time setting up by connecting your Magento store to AdRoll. Use our extention to automatically configure settings such as your shopping cart segment and product catalogue.

To connect AdRoll to your Magento store:

  1. Click View all available integrations and select Magento.

  2. Select Download to initiate a download of the extension package, or download it here.

  3. Select Install to access your Magento Connect Manager*


    *If you don't use the Magento Connect Manager, upload the package files directly to your FTP and proceed to Step 6.

  4. Upload package to the Direct package file upload section and then select Upload


  5. Once installed, go back to your AdRoll dashboard and select Check Installation


  6. Select Connect Magento Store


  7. This will take you to your Magento Admin Panel. From here, select the Magento store you want to connect to and then select Continue.


  8. You will then be directed back to your AdRoll dashboard and can start creating your set of dynamic product ads and your first campaign!


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