Create an Automated Flow to Welcome New Subscribers

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Create a strong connection with someone right after they sign up to hear from your business by establishing brand awareness and educating them on your product. A welcome series is a must-have, powerful flow because it also lets subscribers know what to expect moving forward. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to create an automated email flow that welcomes new subscribers. If you haven’t already, we also recommend learning more about Managing your Automated Email Flows and how recipients are Scheduled Throughout a Flow.


In order to create a welcome campaign, you’ll need to add brand new subscribers, with their sign-up time and date, to your AdRoll Dashboard. This can be done using one of our e-commerce integrations or by setting up the AdRoll Pixel.

Subscribers can typically sign up by creating an account, entering their email address on a Subscription Page or Pop Up, or by being manually added to a list at an in-person event. 

When collecting email addresses on your website, you must capture consent to contact that person. You’re also legally required to have a Privacy Policy that details what you do with the email addresses you collect.

Create Campaign

To create your automated flow, simply navigate to the Emails tab in your AdRoll Dashboard. Then click to Create a Campaign and select the recipe called Welcome Series.

Select Your Trigger

Once you create your campaign, start to configure it with your trigger in Step 1. AdRoll will default your audience targeting for your campaign to All Visitors. This means the series will trigger when a new visitor with an email address is collected by AdRoll or imported into AdRoll.

If you prefer to use a different audience, you can select to customize your conditions. This will allow you to choose any of your dynamic lists for inclusion and/or exclusion. We recommend creating a list that is connected to your sign-up forms.


For more details about configuring and managing automated flows, explore this article: How to Create & Manage Automated Flows. 

Inspiration & Best Practices

The Welcome Series is the best way to introduce yourself. Before setting up your flow it’s important to decide what your goals are. This is typically either to introduce new subscribers to your business and mission or to create calls to action that get them closer to completing their first purchase. Regardless of your primary goal, it’s important to tell the story of your brand.

The first email within the flow should be sent immediately after someone signs up to hear from you. Here are some best practices to consider when setting up a Welcome Series:

  • Do not overwhelm your new subscribers with too many emails. We recommend adding 3 emails to the flow that trigger over a period of 7-10 days.
  • Introduce them to your brand by telling a compelling story about your mission and what makes you unique.
  • Prompt subscribers to follow you on social media and show them how to use your website or product. Give them a tour.
  • Show them your best-selling products that they might be interested in. As a thank, you, incentivize them with a limited-time offer or discount.

Congratulations! You have now set up your welcome series email sequence.

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