Set up a Recover Cart Abandoners campaign

With a Recover Cart Abandoners campaign goal, AdRoll Email enables you to easily target customers who added products to their cart but didn't purchase.

There are several reasons why someone may abandon their cart and whatever their reason for leaving mid-checkout, most often it is not because they are no longer interested in a product. Set up this valuable flow to increase your eCommerce conversions and avoid leaving money on the table.

Create a Recover Cart Abandoners flow

Depending on your eCommerce platform and integration, you may already have a built-in abandoned cart flow created for you. In AdRoll, you can fully customize this default flow based on your needs.

To create a flow:

  1. Navigate to Automated Emails from the left navigation menu and click Create Campaign.
  2. Select Recover Cart Abandoners from the email goal selection modal and click Create. By default, we’ve prepopulated a flow for you and you'll see a 3-step guide to finish setting it up.



Select an Audience to Trigger the flow

If someone adds an item to their cart but does not complete a purchase, this is considered an abandoned cart.

Select your audience by clicking on Add Audience in Step 1. Auto targeting is selected by default and is recommended. However, you can choose to Customize Conditions and select which Audiences to include or exclude. 

After selecting the audiences to include and/or exclude, click Save.


Confirm Sender Information

Next, enter your sender details by clicking on Add From/Sender in Step 2. Enter your sender name, email address, physical address, and website. You’ll see a preview on the right of how all this information will appear in the email.

After entering your details, click Save.


Customize Email Content

By default, this flow will have 3 emails in it. Click to Add Content for each email within the flow. This will open your Email Template Library where you can select an email template to use and customize.

The most compelling part of an abandoned cart message is the ability to include details about the item someone abandoned directly in the message. AdRoll provides two email templates that will automatically insert the last item added to a recipients’ cart. These are named:

  • Cart Abandonment
  • Abandoned Cart

When you select one of these templates, the following product details will be populated in the email message:

  1. Product image
  2. Product title
  3. Price
  4. Product detail page URL

Customize each email in the flow based on your brand guidelines and voice. Make sure each email also has a subject line and preheader. When you're finished creating your email click Publish.

Once an email within your flow is Published, it will automatically set to the Active status. This means that it will start to send once you launch your automated flow.


Time Delays

A Wait Period rule is included in your sequence after each action, whether the initial trigger or an email being sent. 

The first time delay in your sequence will determine how long it takes for an email to be sent after the initial trigger.

By default, the 3 recommended time delays will be populated for you but, you can customize them by hovering over each Time Delay and clicking Edit Email Timing. Here you can choose to set your time delay by days, hours and minutes.

[Optional] UTM Tracker

If you have specific actions youwant to track, you can add UTM Tracking to your campaign. A UTM code is a snippet of simple code that you can add to the end of a URL to track the performance of campaigns and content. When you select to use AdRoll UTM Tracking, the parameters will auto-apply to all the links within your flow.


For more information on UTM Tracking check out Add UTMs to your AdRoll campaigns.


Once you’ve set up your automated flow, you’re ready to launch your campaign. Before launching, double check the entire sequence by reviewing the following:

  1. Trigger
    Make sure you’ve selected your audience for targeting.
  2. Sender Info
    Confirm that your sender and business details are populated and correct.
  3. Email sequence
    Check all the emails in your sequence for a subject line, preheader, and email content. Make sure there are no spelling errors and that you’re correctly representing your brand guidelines. Send previews of each email to make sure they render correctly and any dynamic content displays properly. Any emails you want sent should be set to the Active status.

When you’re ready to launch your campaign, click the Launch button in the upper righthand corner. Otherwise, click Finish Later to save your progress.

Congratulations! You have now set up your Recover Cart Abandoners email flow and you’re on your way to converting more website browsers into customers.

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