Create an Automated Flow to Drive Customer Loyalty

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Driving loyalty means turning one-time purchasers into repeat purchasers by building strong relationships. Keeping your customers coming back is a key component to creating brand advocates that help your business grow.

This is typically accomplished by driving personal connections and instilling trust in your brand, sale by sale. In this article, you’ll learn how to set up a Customer Loyalty Automated Email Flow.

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In order to create a campaign that drives customer loyalty, you’ll need conversion events synced with AdRoll for all your contacts. This can typically be done using one of our e-commerce integrations or setting up the AdRoll Pixel.

Create Campaign

To create your automated flow, simply navigate to the Emails tab in your AdRoll Dashboard. Then click on Create a Campaign and select the recipe to Drive Customer Loyalty.

Select Your Trigger

Once you create your campaign you can begin to configure it starting with your trigger in Step 1. AdRoll will default your audience targeting for your campaign to include contacts with 1 purchase and exclude repeat customers. 

If you prefer to use a different audience, you can select to customize your conditions. This will allow you to choose any of your dynamic lists for inclusion and/or exclusion.

We also recommend getting to know your customer buying cycle by determining the average time between orders. This will help you decide how long to wait before scheduling the first email within the flow.


For more details about configuring and managing your automated flows, explore this article: How to Create & Manage Automated Flows.

Inspiration & Best Practices

Loyalty is all about encouraging customers to come back and re-engage with your brand and products. To do this, you need to understand what your customers want and provide personalized attention without bombarding them. 

Some best practices for accomplishing this can include:

  • Make it personal by providing a customized experience
  • Let customers know about the latest company updates
  • Use AdRoll AI to recommend products based on the customer's past interaction with your brand
  • Offer discounts and incentives with a sense of urgency
Note: Avoid sending too many emails and annoying customers. We generally recommend 3 emails in the flow.

Congratulations! You have now set up your customer loyalty email sequence campaign.

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