Guide to Launching a Retargeting Campaign 

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Retargeting not only helps companies bring back the whopping 90% of website visitors who leave without purchasing, but it also provides personalized advertising experiences that increase return on investment (ROI) and improves conversion rates.

This guide highlights the key factors you should consider in order to launch an effective retargeting campaign. We’ll cover campaign strategy, available assets, budgeting, and analyzing your data to ensure you get the most out of your retargeting campaigns. 

First, consider your strategy

Your Campaign Strategy
You need to have a clear understanding of exactly who you are targeting and what your goals are. Determining your target audience is extremely important before launching your campaign. 

Bidding Strategy 
After you know your target audience, you’ll want to evaluate what your goal is and determine which bidding strategy aligns with your goal. 

Second, gather your assets 

Static Ads 
There are plenty of different types of static ads you should consider when preparing your campaign assets such as web, social, native, video and more. 

Dynamic Ads 
If you have a product feed set up through one of our eCommerce integrations then you’ll be able to utilize dynamic web and social ads in your retargeting campaign. 

Next, determine your budget

Budget Tips
Your budget should align with the size of audience you're targeting. As your audience grows and seasons change you’ll need to adjust your budget accordingly. 

Now you're ready to launch your retargeting campaign 

Web Campaign 
Utilizing the web network exchanges for your retargeting campaigns allows for an extremely far reach to your audience wherever they are. 

Social Campaign
Targeting your audience across social media and web inventories generates better engagement and allows for easy management under one platform. 

Finally, track and analyze your performance 

Ads Campaign Dashboard 
The ads campaign dashboard is a great place to get a quick glance of how your campaign is performing for a specific date range. Here you can select the metrics that are most relevant to you and your campaign objectives. 

You also have the ability to build/create performance reports that can be customized and scheduled for exactly when you need it and containing the information YOU want. 

Things to Consider After Launching
Our platform learns overtime how to best serve your audience so it is necessary to consider the length of time your campaigns are running when evaluating their performance. 

Next steps

For more information on Retargeting campaigns and other helpful content, check out the AdRoll Help Center

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