Getting Started with AdRoll Email

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If you’re new to AdRoll Email we've compiled the key information you need in order to get started and get your first campaign up and running as fast as possible.

To get started check out the following steps:

First, learn the basics of AdRoll Email

What is AdRoll Email?
Understand how AdRoll Email combines powerful retargeting tech with effective email strategies to trigger dynamic emails to prospective customers.

Which Plan should I select?
Select the right plan depending on how many emails you plan on sending each month.

Second, establish your goals

Setting Your Email Goals
Find the right goals and target for your email campaign so you can make sure your message gets delivered at the right time to the right audience. 

Third, build your email list

Import your contact list
Grow your audience with Email Capture Pop-Ups or pulling in your own CSV file.

Build your Email capture pop-up
Collect more visitor Emails on your website.

Next, determine the type of campaign you want to send

Common types of emails and when you use them
Learn how different types of email campaigns can help you achieve your email marketing goals.

Now, create your first email campaign

Create an Email Campaign
Build automated marketing strategies and personalize the customer communication. 

Build An Email Template
Match your brand with pre-built customizable templates or build your own template from scratch with our drag and drop tool.

Schedule and Send your Email
Set the time you want your email to be delivered.

Finally, track and analyze your results

Track your results
Review some of the different metrics we analyze as a way of gauging customer interest and email performance.

Next steps

Check out the help center for additional content or best practices to help you get started.


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