How to use Shopify Predictive Smart Audiences with Email Newsletters

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Through our Shopify integration, AdRoll connects your first-party e-commerce data with all of our existing data and machine learning such that our artificial intelligence (AI) can begin making better, more powerful recommendations for both you in your marketing efforts and your consumers alike.

Bringing your first-party e-commerce data into AdRoll's Ecommerce Marketing Platform allows you to create better-personalized experiences for your customers, both unknown and known. With this data, we are able to build powerful new audiences for you that greatly improve your ability to deliver the right message, at the right time, in the right place, and throughout the customer journey.

Shopify Predictive Smart Audiences Definitions

Audience Type


Ready to Buy

Predict where someone is in their customer journey and how you might move them to purchase or repurchase

At Risk

Predict churn risk by flagging changes in purchase behavior, for products that are usually repurchased on a regular basis, to understand why or offer a discount/coupon to retain the customer

High Future Value

Predict future top spenders to proactively reward them with something exclusive, just for them

How to Get Started

  1. Navigate to the Email Newsletters tab under Campaigns from the left navigation menu.

  2. To create a new newsletter email campaign, click ‘Create Campaign’ in the top right corner.


  3. Select the audience you want to send your newsletter to by clicking on Add Audience. Then select Targeted Subscribers and click the dropdown menu under Include Contacts in:

  4. After you click ‘Select an Audience’, you’ll have the option to use pre-built Shopify audiences, either customizable rule-based or predictive smart audiences or create your own custom audience to target. 


  5. Select the audience you’d like to target. 

    Note: You’ll notice after you enter the audience values, you’ll be able to preview the estimated audience size in ().

  6. Click Save, and you’re ready to send your email newsletter to your newly created audience!

These Shopify predictive smart audiences are accessible by navigating to Audiences then Contacts in the left-hand navigation.

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