Predictive smart audiences for Shopify

Through our Shopify integration, AdRoll connects your first party ecommerce data with all of our existing data and machine learning such that our artificial intelligence (AI) can begin making better, more powerful recommendations for both you in your marketing efforts and your consumers alike.

Bringing your first party ecommerce data into AdRoll's Ecommerce Marketing Platform allows you to create better personalized experiences for your customers, both unknown and known. With this data, we are able to build powerful new audiences for you that greatly improve your ability to deliver the right message, at the right time, in the right place, throughout the customer journey.

What are predictive smart audiences for Shopify?

Smart audiences are audiences AdRoll builds for you from customer data we see through your Shopify store integration combined with our proprietary AI. Just like customizable rule based audiences enable you to act intelligently on what customers have already done, smart audiences predict what they are likely to do—or not do—based on a unique combination of your first party ecommerce data and the predictive capabilities of AdRoll’s AI.

These predictive smart audiences are accessible by navigating to Audiences then Contacts in the left hand navigation. They can be use within email newsletter campaigns to target contacts who fall into those audiences.

How much customer data do I need to use smart audiences?

Smart audiences are available to customers on the Growth plan with sufficient data to make predictions: 20 or more customers who have placed three (3) or more orders in last two (2) years. This makes AdRoll's predictive smart audiences available to your growing brand much sooner than other options, which often require that as many as 1,000 users have triggered the relevant predictive condition and that 1,000 users did not.

What predictive smart audiences are available?

Predictive smart audiences include predicting and being able to target customers with email newsletter campaigns who are:

  • Ready to Buy — Predict where someone is in their customer journey and how you might move them to purchase or repurchase.
  • At Risk — Predict churn risk by flagging changes in purchase behavior, for products that are usually repurchased on a regular basis, to understand why or offer a discount/coupon to retain the customer.
  • High Future Value — Predict future top spenders to proactively reward them with something exclusive, just for them.
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