All available email personalization fields

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To add a personalized touch to your email campaigns, AdRoll offers email personalization fields for all kinds of dynamic information. For more details, check out How to use email personalization and emojis

Take a look at the list below to see all available email personalization attributes you can utilize.

What it will populate Tag
Recipient Email {{}}
Recipient First Name {{recipient.first_name}}
Recipient Last Name {{recipient.last_name}}
Recipient Full Name {{recipient.full_name}}
Recipient Company {{}}
Recipient Address - Line 1 {{recipient.address.line1}}
Recipient Address - Line 2 {{recipient.address.line2}}
Recipient Address - City {{}}
Recipient Address - Country Code {{recipient.address.country_code}}
Recipient Address - Country Name {{}}
Recipient Address - Province {{recipient.address.province}}
Recipient Address - Province Code {{recipient.address.province_code}}
Recipient Address - Zip Code {{}}
Recipient Phone {{}}
Recipient Orders - Currency {{recipient.orders.currency}}
Recipient Orders - Count {{recipient.orders.count}}
Recipient Orders - Total Spent (local currency) {{recipient.orders.total_spent}}
Recipient Orders - Total Spent (in USD) {{recipient.orders.total_spent_usd}}
Product Recommendations - Title {{products[0].title}}
Product Recommendations - Description {{products[0].description}}
Product Recommendations - Category {{products[0].category}}
Product Recommendations - Image Link {{products[0].image}}
Product Recommendations - Price {{products[0].price}}
Product Recommendations - Max Price {{products[0].max_price}}
Product Recommendations - Price Label {{products[0].price_label}}
Product Recommendations - Max Price Label {{products[0].max_price_label}}
Product Recommendations - URL {{products[0].url}}
Product Recommendations - Vendor {{products[0].vendor}}
Product Recommendations - Source {{products[0].source}}
Sender Name {{}}
Sender Advertisable Name {{sender.advertisable_name}}
Sender Email Address {{}}
Sender Website Address {{}}
Sender Address - Street {{sender.address.street}}
Sender Address - City {{}}
Sender Address - State {{sender.address.state}}
Sender Address - Postal Code {{sender.address.postal_code}}
Campaign Name {{}}
Email Subject {{email.subject}}
Email Preview Text {{email.preview_text}}
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