All available Merge Tags

Note: Merge tags are only available with our Shopify integration at this time.

To add a personalized touch to your email campaigns, AdRoll email offers merge tags for all kinds of dynamic information. For more details, check out How to personalize your emails by using Merge Tags

Take a look at the list below too see all available merge tags the you can utilize.

What it will populate Merge Tag
Recipient Email {{}}
Recipient First Name {{recipient.first_name}}
Recipient Last Name {{recipient.last_name}}
Recipient Full Name {{recipient.full_name}}
Recipient Company {{}}
Recipient Address - Line 1 {{recipient.address.line1}}
Recipient Address - Line 2 {{recipient.address.line2}}
Recipient Address - City {{}}
Recipient Address - Country Code {{recipient.address.country_code}}
Recipient Address - Country Name {{}}
Recipient Address - Province {{recipient.address.province}}
Recipient Address - Province Code {{recipient.address.province_code}}
Recipient Address - Zip Code {{}}
Recipient Phone {{}}
Recipient Orders - Currency {{recipient.orders.currency}}
Recipient Orders - Count {{recipient.orders.count}}
Recipient Orders - Total Spent (local currency) {{recipient.orders.total_spent}}
Recipient Orders - Total Spent (in USD) {{recipient.orders.total_spent_usd}}
Product Recommendations - Title {{products[0].title}}
Product Recommendations - Description {{products[0].description}}
Product Recommendations - Category {{products[0].category}}
Product Recommendations - Image Link {{products[0].image}}
Product Recommendations - Price {{products[0].price}}
Product Recommendations - Max Price {{products[0].max_price}}
Product Recommendations - Price Label {{products[0].price_label}}
Product Recommendations - Max Price Label {{products[0].max_price_label}}
Product Recommendations - URL {{products[0].url}}
Product Recommendations - Vendor {{products[0].vendor}}
Product Recommendations - Source {{products[0].source}}
Sender Name {{}}
Sender Advertisable Name {{sender.advertisable_name}}
Sender Email Address {{}}
Sender Website Address {{}}
Sender Address - Street {{sender.address.street}}
Sender Address - City {{}}
Sender Address - State {{sender.address.state}}
Sender Address - Postal Code {{sender.address.postal_code}}
Campaign Name {{}}
Email Subject {{email.subject}}
Email Preview Text {{email.preview_text}}
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