Make performance email marketing easy 

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Building beautiful emails that reach the right audiences is faster than ever, with AdRoll’s professionally built templates and automated tools.

AdRoll’s easy-to-use email marketing puts you only a few steps away from creating email campaigns that drive results.

Build beautifully branded emails, faster

AdRoll provides professionally built templates for every type of industry. There’s a template for everything from fashion to food. Simply select from over 100 templates, add your brand, and content, and deliver the email. All the templates are designed to be responsive, to work on mobile and desktop devices, and to make sure you reach your audience wherever they are. It can all be set up in a few minutes.


Quickly and Easily Build Emails

Our drag and drop editor allows you to customize the pre-built themes to fit your brand colors, fonts, and design. Import HTML files to bring in your own code or pull in your own templates. We provide the controls and tips to help you get your template just right.

Target your audience with the right emails

Use the predetermined goals to effectively build your business. You’ll find options to target your audience, bring back cart abandoners, welcome new users, and a lot more. Below are the preset campaign goals - or select your own path.  

Starter: Intelligently email all of your matched contacts, excluding anyone who’s already converted or purchased.

Recover Cart Abandoners: Trigger emails to send to potential customers who leave items in their cart without purchasing.

Build Customer Loyalty: Boost customer loyalty and promote new products with emails to former customers.  Bring them back with discounts, new products or rewards.

Choose Your Own Trigger: Build out your own targeting criteria based on pages visited.

Send a Newsletter: Schedule an email to be delivered exactly when you want.  Pick the audience, time, and design.  

Tip: Deliver relevant content based on visitor behavior on your site. Send reminders about items left in carts, bring shoppers back with coupons, or give thank you messages for recent purchases.

AdRoll comes with an out-of-the-box abandoned cart flow already set up. Just enable the Cart Abandonment flow in your Getting Started tab and watch your emails go and your customers come back.

Track and analyze the impact of email campaigns

Get a clear picture of how your campaign is performing by reviewing Open Rates, Click thru Rates, and Impressions. It’s easy to dial into your performance by campaign, day, week or month to figure out what’s working.


Capture emails, create connections

To make sure first-time visitors return to your site, you need a way to reach out to these visitors so you can increase the likelihood they’ll come back and make a purchase. The most effective way to achieve this is by collecting email addresses.

AdRoll offers a customizable email capture pop-up. The email pop-up can be built to fit your brand. You can determine when it should appear on your site, set the branding, and control the capture fields. Once the emails are collected, you can use them to retarget with sales, promos or news about your brand.



Can AdRoll Email integrate with my existing email service provider?

AdRoll offers integration with MailChimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor and Klaviyo.  


  • Automatically sync unsubscribed emails from our system to your ESP and from your ESP to our system.
  • Activate emails you collected before. Note: This step requires some setup in your system.

What are some best practices to keep in mind for my email campaigns? 

Map your flow and messaging

Your automated emails should bring customers value. Despite the best intentions, they can easily become cumbersome if you’re not organized. Once you understand your customers’ buying journey, create a map of your email automation plan. Decide when to engage and what your message will be at each point of their journey. 

After your campaign launches, monitor your click-through rate (CTR). CTR tracks clicks-per-open and indicates how helpful an email is to your subscriber. If the rate is decreasing over time, try adjusting your call-to-action button from generic (i.e. “Click here”) to precise (i.e. “Buy this look”) or playing around with different content variations.

How to build an email list? 

Pop-up forms give visitors a quick, convenient way to share contact information and subscribe to your list while they’re browsing your site, making them a powerful tool for audience growth. They’re easy to add to your site, and they have proven to work.

How do cart abandonment emails work?  

Abandonment cart emails dynamically pull in products left in the cart and retarget visitors with an email series to bring visitors back to complete their purchase. Simply choose when you would like to send your first abandoned cart email. We recommend sending it 1-3 hours after the visitor left the item in the cart.  

Next, design your abandoned cart emails. Include information about the abandoned product(s) as well as an image to remind visitors what they left behind. Emails will be deployed next time a shopper puts something in the cart but doesn’t complete the purchase.  

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