Maximizing your email performance

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Each time you send an email, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t for your audience. From finding your voice to determining the topics your audience are most interested in, you will constantly find ways to better engage your audience. One thing you will likely discover is that a single communication channel may not be enough to generate awareness and drive intended outcomes. 

Here are just a few things you should consider as you are trying to make the most of your message.

Leveraging advertisements and email retargeting

For the more critical email campaigns, an often used performance maximizer is paid advertisement. This marketing activity can help to emphasize a theme, tap into a seasonal promotion, or encourage sign-up.

There are a couple of different ways to use ad campaigns to enhance your email strategy. 

  1. Start with advertisements and then email those that visited your site. This technique allows you to engage both known and unknown populations. The latter potentially driving increased brand awareness and sign-up.
  2. Start with emails to known populations. As a follow-up, you can target the audience your messaged with retargeted advertisement. The benefit of this is that you can isolate those that opened your email or those that expressed interest by clicking on your call-to-action. This can be a less expensive route if your audience is typically engaged and simply needed a well placed reminder.

Brands that maximize email with complimentary advertising and retargeting strategies have often seen substantial increase in their return on investment. BustedTees is one of these brands, realizing a 390% return on investment as a result of a unified email marketing and paid advertisement campaign.

Complementing email with onsite messaging

Similar to the advertising route, reinforcing your email campaign with onsite messaging helps to remind your audience of a recent communication or prompt a specific action. Onsite messages can be used in lots of different ways. Here are a couple of strategies that you might leverage to maximize your email performance. 

  1. Leverage a discreet pop-up to highlight an email exclusive coupon

    It isn’t just about receiving a coupon, it is receiving a coupon at that perfect moment — just before you are about to make a purchase decision. Reminding a customer with a pop-up that they have yet to apply that coupon might be just what it takes to get them to convert.
  2. Reference your recent email as part of an audience survey

    Sometimes a simple survey question on your website underlines a key message in your email or a piece of content that you wanted to draw attention to. 

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