Create an Email Newsletter campaign

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Sending regular newsletter email campaigns helps to build a lasting relationship with your subscribers and keeps you top of mind. 

AdRoll Email enables you to easily craft and send beautiful and engaging newsletters to keep your subscribers informed about your business or product.

To create and send an email newsletter:

  1. Navigate to Email Newsletters from the left hand navigation or go to Automated Emails click the Create Campaign button in the top left corner and then select Send a Newsletter.  Both get you to the same starting point for setting up a newsletter. 


  2. Start building your newsletter by following the steps in the guided setup flow.


  3. Select the audience you want to send your newsletter to by clicking on Add Audience. You can choose to send to All Subscribers or a targeted list. If you select Targeted Subscribers, you can select which Audiences to include or exclude from the drop-down. After selecting your target audience, click Save. 


  4. Click on Add From/Sender to enter your sender name, email address, physical address, and website. You’ll see a preview on the right of how all this information will appear in the email. After entering your details, click Save


  5. Click Add Subject to enter a subject line and preheader text for your newsletter. A preview will automatically be generated showing you how it will appear on mobile and desktop. To save your entries, click Save. 


  6. Build the content of your newsletter clicking on Design Email. You can  choose from over 100 pre-built templates, create one from scratch using our email design editor, or upload your own HTML file. 


  7. [Optional] If you have specific actions you want to track, you can add UTM Tracking to your campaign A UTM code is a snippet of simple code that you can add to the end of a URL to track the performance of campaigns and content. 


    For more information on UTM Tracking check out Add UTMs to your AdRoll campaigns.

  8. When you’re ready to send your newsletter, click on Schedule. Click Send Now if you’re ready so send your email immediately or select Schedule for later and specify the exact date and time when you want your email to send.


    Note: You can modify the date and time after it has been set by editing the campaign. 

Congratulations! You have now set up your email newsletter.

Learn how to set up a successful newsletter campaign by checking out our Newsletter Best Practices article.

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