Klaviyo integration using Zapier

The step-by-step instructions below will explain how to set up a trigger within Zapier to build a Klaviyo and AdRoll integration.

By using Zapier to connect your AdRoll account with Klaviyo, you can automatically serve targeted advertising directly to your Klaviyo contact list.

To connect AdRoll with Klaviyo using Zapier:

  1. Log in to your Zapier account and click on Make a Zap.


  2. Search for Klaviyo in the search bar and select it.

  3. Select the trigger type and click on continue. You will see an option to connect to the Klaviyo account. Click on +Add a New Account.


  4. Enter the public and private API keys, which can be found in Settings under the Klaviyo account. Click on Account Settings to get to that page.


  5. Copy the Public API key and create a new private key and enter them to connect your Klaviyo account.


  6. Select AdRoll as the next app to connect by searching it in the search bar.


  7. Select the trigger type and Connect the AdRoll account. Click on Add a New Account and enter your credentials.


  8. Once the AdRoll account is connected, it will automatically pull the Advertisable EID and CRM segment EID. Make sure there is at least one CRM segment in the AdRoll account.


Note: If the EID does not populate, we can select Custom value and add Advertisable EID and CRM segment EID manually.


  1. Click on Test & Continue to successfully connect AdRoll and Klaviyo.


Once you’ve successfully set up your Klaviyo and AdRoll integration via Zapier, you can start importing your CRM audiences

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