What is Double Opt-In?

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Double opt-in describes how a new subscriber gives you permission, as a brand, to join your email list. If you don’t obtain permission before you send someone a marketing email, and the email is unsolicited, then the email is classified as spam.

New subscribers give you permission to email them via two steps:

  1. By signing up on your website via a form (commonly known as Single Opt-In).
  2. By reconfirming their intention to sign up on your via a secondary confirmation email sent to their inbox (commonly known as Double Opt-In).

While not legally required outside of Germany, enabling a Double Opt-In process for your email collection helps ensure a higher quality subscriber list who is more likely to engage with your emails.

If you enable Double Opt-In, only users who actually confirm via email they would like to receive your marketing emails will be added to your list.

How Does Double Opt-In Help Ensure a Higher Quality List?

Unfortunately, you are not able to control who inputs information on your website forms. This means that sometimes you may receive incorrect email addresses or even spammers who submit information.

A Double Opt-In process ensures that each email you receive is valid and the user’s intention was to sign up. 

Single Opt-In

In some cases, you may want to remove double opt-in and make your list single opt-in. 

Customers typically choose to use just a single opt-in when they are using other third party signup forms or tools and their customers are already prompted with a double opt-in confirmation. For example, if your third party signup form has a double-opt in feature enabled, you may desire to disable double opt-in within AdRoll so customers don't receive multiple opt-in messages.

Enabling Double Opt-In In AdRoll

You can enable Double Opt-In Email Confirmation in four areas of AdRoll Email:

  1. Email capture pop-up
  2. Web Forms Tracked by our AdRoll Pixel
  3. Contact List Upload
  4. Add Contact Upload

Email capture pop-up

Within the Email capture pop-up you can navigate to the Legal Compliance section and turn Double Opt-In to be “on” or “off” for any given popup form you create within AdRoll.


Web Forms Tracked by our AdRoll Pixel

The AdRoll Pixel will automatically track when emails are shared via your website. You have full control over whether or not you would like AdRoll to ingest the emails we receive from your forms into AdRoll’s email product by turning a given web form’s ability to Collect Emails “on” or “off”. Further, you can also choose to trigger a Double Opt-In to obtain confirmation email for every email address we collect via a given webform.


Contact List Upload

If you have a CSV list you are uploading into AdRoll, you can choose to trigger a Double Opt-In email confirmation request to the addresses in the file.


Add Contact Upload

You can also choose to trigger a Double Opt-In email confirmation request if you add a single contact or select from a target list.


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