How to modify the placement of the NextRoll Cookie Consent Banner Persistent Icon

As part of following the TCF v2.0 guidelines for NextRoll Cookie Consent Banner. By default, the NextRoll persistent icon is located at the bottom right corner of your website near the footer of the page. You may need to scroll to the bottom of your browser window to find it. 


If this location is unsuitable for you, you may use CSS to reposition the persistent icon. The icon is wrapped in a <div> element with the id value of nextroll_consent_persistent_icon

Below are some examples to reposition the Persistent Icon:

Example 1

Keep the icon in the bottom right corner, but raise it 40 pixels from the bottom of the page:

#nextroll_consent_persistent_icon {

    bottom: 40px;


Example 2

Keep the icon in the bottom right corner, but move it in 40 pixels from the right edge of the page:

#nextroll_consent_persistent_icon {

    right: 40px;


Example 3

Move the icon to the bottom left corner of the page:

#nextroll_consent_persistent_icon {

    left: 0;

    right: auto;


Example 4

Center-align the icon at the bottom of the page:

#nextroll_consent_persistent_icon {

    position: relative;

    text-align: center;


Note: You can add these styles to your website’s existing CSS files or you can add it directly to your web page. Note that if you add it to your webpage HTML, you’ll need to wrap it in the <style> tag for the browser to apply it correctly.



#nextroll_consent_persistent_icon {

    right: 0;



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