Moving existing email templates from Mailchimp to AdRoll Email

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AdRoll provides a fast and simple way to create flexible email templates. Choose from over 100 professionally designed templates or from scratch using our drag & drop email editor.

You can also migrate your high-performing templates over from another email platform.

Here's how to move your existing templates from Mailchimp to AdRoll.

Step 1: Export your existing email template to HTML

  1. To begin, log in to your Mailchimp account, and navigate to your templates Brand > Templates.

  2. Next, to ensure your CSS styles appear properly in email clients, copy and paste the HTML from the file that was created when you selected Export as HTML into Mailchimp's CSS Inliner Tool, and click the Convert button.

    This will generate updated HTML in the bottom box with all of your CSS inlined for proper rendering in email clients.
  3. Once you have done this, copy and paste the updated HTML, which is now ready for use in AdRoll.

Step 2: Adding your HTML to an AdRoll Email template

Now that you have copied the HTML from the template you would like to migrate to AdRoll, you are ready to create an email template in AdRoll that will look identical.

  1. Start by clicking Email Templates

  2. Select Create Template 



  3. Create a new Template using Code Editor


    Adding HTML to your AdRoll Email

  4. Select the HTML content block in the email template, click into the content block, paste your HTML, and Save
    Note: To change the appearance of the HTML content block, you must edit the HTML inside of it directly, as HTML.

    Make your email available as a template

    Now that you've successfully migrated your Mailchimp email template into an email inside of AdRoll, it's time to save it as a template for you or your team to reuse.
  5. To do so, simply click on the Save as button.


    It will now be accessible in the My Templates tab of the Email Template Library.
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