What is Email Capture?

Email Capture enables you to legally collect emails from your website visitors so you can grow your subscriber list and continue to build relationships with them.

By using Email Capture, you can help your business in various ways:

  • Find potential customers (capture leads)
  • Constantly increase your subscriber base
  • Increase your revenue as you gain new customers

Why it matters

Website visitors that opt-in to your Email Capture shows that they are interested in your brand. This means that they are more likely to convert into paying customers.

Email Capture features

  • Fully customizable Email Capture to fit your brand
  • Create multiple customized forms
  • Ability to add custom fields
  • Precisely set when and where Email Capture will appear
  • Automatically form Audience segment from captured emails

Ready to use Email Capture? Check out our Build your Email Capture article to get started.

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