Build your Email Capture

In order to continue to increase profits you need to continue to expand your customer base. Email Capture grows your email list by presenting visitors to your site with a modal to sign up for brand updates, coupons, newsletters and other news.    

Build an Email Capture form: 

  1. Navigate from the left hand menu to Email Capture. You'll be presented with a preselected Email Capture template and have the option of building your own template or selecting one of the four prebuilt options.

  2. Fill in your title and subtitle. Select your preferred font, color, size, weight and alignment.

  3. Customize your background color and add a background image.


  4. Add the collection fields you want to include (email, company, name or customize your own fields).


  5. Customize the design of the input fields by changing the font, colors and boarder.


  6. Control the Submit and Dismiss button copy and branding.


  7. Edit when the Email Capture should appear. Set it for specific URLs, targeted segments, or based on customer actions.


  8. AdRoll branding will appear in the Email Capture if you're on the free Starter plan. You can remove the Powered by AdRoll watermark if you are on the Growth plan.


  9. Legal compliance copy is required for all Email Capture forms. AdRoll has already included the required legal language, but the color can be customized. This is also where you'd add your company address and Terms of Service URL.


  10. Set the placement of the Email Capture form on your site.


  11. Save changes and set to publish.

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