Why an unsubscribe link is required in all Emails

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As best practice, and in line with many anti-spam laws such as CAN-SPAM (US) and CASL (Canada), marketers should include an unsubscribe mechanism in all marketing emails that they send out. Providing an unsubscribe is also a great way to keep your subscriber lists with active, engaged recipients.

AdRoll Email provides you with several unsubscribe features, which this article will describe.

AdRoll Email unsubscribe features

There are two main unsubscribe mechanisms that AdRoll Email provides. Both are required, and cannot be disabled.

  1. List-Unsubscribe: This is a one-click unsubscribe supported by most email senders and larged used to unsubscribe from email using mobile devices.


  2. Unsubscribe Footer: This feature inserts the physical address information provided by your business, along with an unsubscribe link.


What AdRoll Email does with unsubscribe data?

AdRoll Email will update an email recipient’s status immediately to “unsubscribe”. The next time an email campaign is scheduled to be sent to an audience segment, unsubscribed email addresses will be suppressed from that campaign at send time automatically.

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