Build an Email template

Before building out your email campaign, you need to build or select the best template for your communication. 

To create an Email template

  1. Go to Automated Emails on the left navigation menu and click Create Campaign.


  2. Select your Campaign Goal and click Create.

  3. Click on Add Audience to set your target audience. You can either auto target the audience receiving the email or customize which list to include or exclude.


  4. Click Add From / Sender to enter in your sender information. You can get a real time preview of what it will look like to your recipients.


  5. Click Edit Sequence then select Design Editor. The email editor will open where you can begin building your email.


From here, you will start configuring the template.

To configure a template

  1.  If you chose to create a new template, you can edit the copy, rows, colors, and images.

    To add a new row, click the Rows tab. Select an option, then drag and drop it on to the template. Once you've placed it, you can add content to it.

    Drag & drop any content options you want to use from the Content tab onto your template.


    Available content options:
    • Text
    • Image
    • Button
    • Divider
    • Social
    • HTML
    • Video 

  2. Click on the content you've added to pull up content properties. From here, you can further customize the content you've added. 


    For example, if you added text you can add a URL, change the text formatting, alter color, and more.

  3. When you click on a particular row, you can modify its properties such as row and content background colors. From here, you can also modify the column properties such as changing the padding and borders. 


  4. The Settings tab allows you to adjust general settings, like your default font or the background color of your template.


  5. You can delete content that's been added by clicking it and selecting the trash icon that appears.


  6. When you've finished, click Save as Template.


To select an existing pre-built template

  1. Select Use a Template to access hundreds of pre-built templates.


  2. Select the template that best fits your communications needs.

  3. When you've finished, click Save as Template.

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