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Once you've finished creating an Email template, the next step is to schedule a date and time to send it to your audience.

There are two methods for scheduling an Email:

  1. Schedule a specific delivery time 
    • Useful if you want the Email to arrive in a Prospect's inbox at a specific date and time
  2. Send Email as a Trigger
    • This method allows triggers the email to be sent based on a predetermined customer action (e.g. "Send this email 1 hour after they abandoned a cart item). AdRoll has several built in Campaign Goals that will determine these triggers or you can select your own or send a one-off newsletter. 

To schedule an email

  1. On the right side of the dashboard you will find the scheduling field. By default, the Email is set to send 1 hour after trigger. Click on the Send: 1 hour after trigger dropdown to alter the scheduled date and time.

  2. You will have three scheduling options:

    • Send immediately

    • Wait

    • Send on Date/Time


  3. Select one and click Set to save.

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