NextRoll's stance on Google's decision to remove 3rd party cookies from Chrome

NOTE: This article will be updated as news develops about the future of online advertising and Google’s plans. Last updated: 2/25/20

Here’s what you need to know: 

  • Changes anticipated to take effect in 2 years, which means that it’s business as usual for now.
  • Google depends on the advertising ecosystem and has deep incentives to see it continue to thrive.
  • NextRoll, the company that owns AdRoll, RollWorks and NextRoll Platform Services is heavily involved in the conversation (yes, with Google!) and we’re optimistic about the future of ad tech and marketing tech working together.

Business as Usual

For the next 2 years, very little will change. If you’re a marketer running any variation of a display campaign, you can expect these will work in the same way as they have -- with NextRoll, RollWorks, AdRoll all continuing to optimize performance on behalf of customers. In addition, we’re working closely with Google’s Privacy Sandbox project and will have the opportunity to give input on the new standards as they evolve. Based on the current proposals from Google, it is safe to assume that retargeting will continue to be maintained, albeit in a different form that seeks to remedy the privacy concerns related to third-party cookies and other tracking technologies and practices.

Google Needs a Healthy Ads Ecosystem

Most of Google’s $160.74 billion in revenue comes from advertising, about 89%. That means that Google has a deep incentive to make sure that the advertising ecosystem finds a healthy, productive and profitable path forward. While we’re not exactly sure how that will eventually happen, we’re in the conversation and remain confident that Google, with the input of the larger industry, will find a way to protect consumer privacy and create relevant advertising experiences. 

NextRoll's Future Efforts

While shifting standards challenge NextRoll and the ad tech industry to evolve, we are proud to be proactive and forward-thinking in our commitment to consumer privacy. We have worked hard to thoughtfully adopt practices that adhere to GDPR and CCPA standards specifically, and privacy-by-design generally. 

Our efforts for the future fall into three different areas: 

  • Evolving beyond cookies: We’re exploring various ways to identify target audiences, including email. We also offer contextual targeting to allow our customers to create relevant experiences. As work with Google, advertising industries and the Privacy Sandbox continues throughout 2020, NextRoll will explore additional beyond-cookie advertising and marketing opportunities to track evolving industry options.
  • Evolving beyond ads: This includes email, onsite personalization, and more as well as providing customers integrations to better connect with existing first-party cookie advertising channels such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and other future partnerships. While NextRoll has already been actively pursuing these engagements, we’re doubling down on our efforts.
  • Evolving the industry: Our leadership and engineering teams are actively participating in shaping the future of the online marketing ecosystem. Our engineering team has been involved in Google’s open-source Privacy Sandbox initiative since its inception and continues to monitor and add to the conversation as necessary.
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