AdRoll Plans & Pricing

You can become an AdRoll customer by signing up to use the free tools in our Starter plan or by subscribing to one of our paid plans: Essentials and Growth.

Whether you're just looking to get your brand off the ground, grow your business faster, or optimize and compete with giants, we have flexible plans that grow with you. You can pay by month or the year, and cancel at any time.

Our plans

The plans build on each other as you upgrade, so each plan includes all of the features of the plan before it, plus more. To see a list of features for each plan, check out our plans and pricing page.


The Starter plan is ideal for those just starting to grow their brands. It comes with the foundational tools you need to bring more visitors to your online store, turn browsers into buyers, and measure which channels are spending your budget most efficiently.

Your subscription to our free Starter plan includes 5,000 email sends per month.


The Essentials plan is best for those that want to build better branded experiences. It comes with tools to help you to identify who your best customers are, and personalizing your marketing efforts to help you find more customers like your best customers.

Your subscription to Essentials includes all features in the Starter plan plus 10,000 email sends per month.


The Growth plan comes with the most feature capabilities and powerful marketing tools. Designed for those who want to mature and optimize their brand to outpace their competition. It comes with new measurement and attribution models, advanced personalization tools and insights, and features that can scale with your business.

Your subscription to Growth includes all features in the Essentials plan plus 20,000 email sends per month.


Advanced Tracking

Advance Tracking is an advance cross-channel attribution solution that gives you access to all features in the Growth plan plus enhanced measurement capabilities, for $499/month.

Add-on features include:

  • Bring cross-channel impression, click, and cost data into a single view to cut reporting time in half.
  • De-duplicate conversion data with multi-touch attribution models to your accurately assign credit across the entire customer journey.
  • Make smarter budgeting decisions with side-by-side channel performance comparisons - no more over-reported revenue across different vendors.

Email Add-on

Need to send even more emails than what’s included in the Growth plan? You can choose the email add-on that’s right for you:

Emails Cost
+20K to 50K additional emails +$19/mo
+50K to 500K additional emails +$199/mo
+500K to 1.5M additional emails +$599/mo 
+1.5M to 2.5M emails +949/mo

Sending over 2,500,000 additional emails monthly? Contact us!

Reaching your Account Limit

If you outgrow your plan and reach your monthly limit for emails, your account will stop sending emails until the end of the current billing cycle, when your monthly allocation renews.

Tip: If you are exceeding your email limit, it may be time to upgrade to a better plan, which gives you increased email sending power plus additional capabilities.

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