How to boost awareness to your brand with Social Proof?

What is Social Proof?

Social proof is in essence building an online reputation based on brand perception from your customers.

Key Takeaway: Build social proof through market authority, reviews, influencers, and proof of demand.

Growing your social media following

Market authority can be accomplished through social media pages with a high following. This automatically builds trust because it shows that you have a community around your brand. Take the time to research what platforms your customers spend time on. Encourage your customers to post photos using your product on their social. Maybe even offer them a 10% discount by tagging you in a post. 

Leveraging influencers to boost your brand

If you do not have the social following, influencers can be a good tool to leverage. Always check the engagement of their following by looking at the number of likes and comments(what are people saying) on posts since this will be an extension of your brand.

Stay on top of your brand reviews

The majority of people will search for reviews about your products before they buy them. Set up a way to collect reviews and create a follow-up email every time a customer orders from you. It is okay if you receive a few negative reviews. It helps build trust. 

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