A well-designed logo will help increase your brand recall

Why should you invest in a good logo? 

Key Takeaway: A good logo will help you stand out and help your customers recall your brand.

Building a brand that your customers relate to will help you stand out and make your store memorable. A logo is one of the first things a person recalls about a strong brand and you only have one chance to make a first impression. A good logo will help make your dynamic ads stand out in your display ads and will increase your chances of conversion. 

Tip: Invest in a graphic designer to develop your logo or check out Hatchful or Canva to design your logo.

Example: AdRoll's logo transformation 

When going through our 2018 rebrand, our design team considered the following when it came to our logo mark and logotype.


1) Simplicity and Legibility

  • The flourish at the end of our old logotype became difficult to read at smaller scales and separating the mark and the type always came down to a decision of one or the other.
  • Our old logo was legible, but we wanted to create something even more simple and readable.

When considering good logo design, it’s best to keep things simple and ensure they’re legible at all different sizes.

2) Scale and Usage

  • The older AdRoll logo was difficult to use in certain situations - square formats, small formats, etc.
  • The new logo was designed with the intention of separating the mark from the logotype and allowed for the creation of much broader logo usage guidelines.

Similar to legibility, it’s a must to consider how your logo will be used and how it will scale.

 3) Heritage

  • Our old logo built AdRoll almost a decade of brand recognition, so the team worked hard to transform our previous logo flourish.
  • We didn’t want to comprise our brand heritage while still considering the above two factors for designing our new logo.

Find the balance between capturing brand heritage with your evolving brand. Don't be afraid to try new designs.

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