Your First Month

To put it simply: AdRoll uses machines to buy your ad space. Everything from bidding at ad auctions to purchasing ad space is handled by our software in real-time.

We primarily focus on real-time bidding, or buying ads through an auction. That means that we're present at huge auctions of ad inventory on your behalf. Ad auctions include ad networks, collections of websites, and ad exchanges (bigger marketplaces that include networks). With AdRoll, you access over 500 networks and exchanges, and direct publisher deals.

AdRoll works by combining everything you know about your customer - including how they behave on your site and what they purchase - with everything that we know. Our technology reads over 34 million signals and makes 2.5 million predictions per second to purchase ad space.


Every time you have the opportunity to bid, AdRoll goes through the following stages:

  1. Consideration: What do we know about this user, this ad space, etc.?
    • We predict viewability.
    • We predict user intent.
    • We predict the best price we can bid and win.
    • We predict whether the user will engage with the ad.
  2. Evaluation: How do all of these signals come together?
    • We decide whether you’ll bid and if you do, how much you’ll bid for ad space.
  3. Service: How do we make sure the user gets the chance to see your ad?
    • When we win the bid, we make sure the best ad gets served to the right user.

As we learn about your business and your audiences, you can expect to see your results change over time. Here is how we measure your impact in the first month:

Week 1

 Gather data about your site visitors and their behavior.

Week 2

 Learn which ads work the best across each channel.

Week 3

 Apply what we learn to find the best prospective customers.

Week 4

 Tune your performance toward achieving your goal.


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