What are Dynamic Ads?

Dynamic ads enable customers to easily re-engage site visitors with beautiful, personalized ads across devices and channels. Based on site visitor’s browsing activity on your site, dynamic ads can feature previously-viewed, recommended, and top products.

Product info is populated via the product feed you provide or that we access via Shopify or WooCommerce integrations.

Contact our Customer Support team to help get your product feed set up.

Key benefits of dynamic ads:

  • Drive better performance
    Dynamic ads drive 34% lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA) than static ads alone. Even better, dynamic and static ads combined drive a 61% lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA) compared to static ads alone.
  • Personalized ads
    Always reach your visitors with the most relevant, up-to-date content wherever they are.
  • Hands-free ads
    Let dynamic ads do the heavy lifting, no additional resources or work needed.
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