What is AdRoll Growth + Advanced Tracking Add-On?

AdRoll Growth is a Software-as-a-Service subscription built to help you outpace your competition by providing advanced measurement and attribution to maximize customer lifetime value (CLTV), guide your marketing strategy and grow your brand faster.

AdRoll Growth enables you to:

  • Unify your data, and unify your journey – Turn touchpoints from siloed data into one comprehensive view of your marketing activities and performance. See how channels work in aggregate and function together.
  • See the interactions truly influencing customers – Start testing and applying a unified multi-touch attribution model across all your channels, and stop worrying about duplicate conversion values in your revenue numbers.
  • Get granular, actionable insights you can share – Compare key metrics like Spend, CPA, Attributed Conversions, Assisted Conversions, and Revenue across all channels. Export raw granular conversion paths you can view anywhere.
  • Construct a clearer picture of the path to purchase – Go beyond UTMs and your top six UTM-sourced channels. Our unique click and view tags take all touchpoints and aggregate those interactions into a single dashboard.

How much does it cost? How is it billed? 

You can purchase AdRoll Growth + Advanced Tracking Add-On on monthly or annually billed plans.

  • U.S. PRICE $499 / mo (monthly) , $450 / mo (annually) (USD)
  • EUROPEAN PRICE €460 / mo (monthly) , €415 / mo (annually) (EUR)
  • AUSTRALIAN PRICE $750 / mo (monthly), $670 / mo (annually) (AUD)

What’s included?


  • Dashboard with cross-channel data and channel performance across top-line metrics and views on how channels work on an aggregate level and how they function together
  • Proprietary Click & Impression Tracking (Tag-Based)
  • Automatically generated custom view and click trackers
  • Unlimited Channel Integrations  (Subject to Availability)
  • Channel Trendlines & Metric Comparisons
  • Performance Metrics:
    • Attributed Conversions
    • Assisted Conversions
    • Revenue
    • Spend 
    • CPA
    • Performance by Day Table Breakout 
  • Filter Conversion Trails: Channel, Campaign, Ad Group, Ad
  • Sort Conversion Trail By: Top Path, Path Length, First/Last Touch, Revenue, AOV
  • Cross-Channel Conversion Trails 
  • Deliveries Data (Clicks vs. Views)
  • Annotated Notes
  • Export Granular Conversion Report
  • Performance Insights Summary
  • Export Tag Discrepancy Report 
  • 6 Rule-Based Model Comparison  
  • Dedicated onboarding specialist

Audiences and Targeting

Targeting (Behavioral, Demographic, Interest), Retargeting, CRM Targeting / Exclusion, CRM / Connected Audiences (list import and match), Cross-Device Tracking & Insights, Custom Audience and Segment Creation, Contextual Targeting, Blacklisting


Web Ads (Native, Rich Media, 3rd Party, Video), Social Ads (FB & IG Image, Carousel, Video), Dynamic Ads (Web, Native, Social)


Exit Intent Email Capture, Site / Browse Abandonment Campaigns, Cart Abandonment Campaigns, Loyalty Campaigns, Custom Behavior-Based Campaigns

Onsite Personalization

Product Feed Generation, Top Products Recommendation Carousel, AI-Driven Product Recommendation Carousel


Ecommerce Platform API, Marketing Automation API, Email Audiences, Reporting API


How do I get it? — Upgrade path 

That’s the easy part! Everything is accessible from your AdRoll navigation. The most important step in the process is understanding what you’ll get when you subscribe to AdRoll Growth. Any questions? Reach out to our team and we’ll help you understand how you and AdRoll Growth can, well, help you grow.

1. Navigate to your Measure Dashboard page


2. Click ‘Upgrade’ 


3. Read through the features to understand what value AdRoll Growth can provide you and your business. 

4. Select Upgrade and confirm your subscription.


5. Now you are ready to get set up! You’ll walk through the onboarding steps to track all of your marketing activity. Don’t worry, you’ll have help along the way.

What happens after I subscribe?

Once you subscribe, one of our dedicated Measure Onboarding Specialists will help get you up and running by connecting and tagging your channels. 

What does “Beta” mean?

AdRoll Growth is currently a Beta Version. Read more about Beta Versions, in our Terms of Service.

Can I cancel?

If you cancel during a billing cycle, your cancellation will not be effective until the end of that billing cycle, and you will still be charged for that entire billing cycle. To cancel or inquire about your subscription, reach out to measure-support@adroll.com.

How many channels can I connect?

You can connect unlimited channels, subject to availability.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit card providers: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, or, if you have a PayPal account, you can use it as your payment method. Invoices may also be postpaid (I/O).

Can I give additional users access to AdRoll Growth?

Yes, you may add unlimited users to your AdRoll Growth plan.

What is attribution modeling?

Attribution modeling is a set of rules that determines how much credit different marketing tactics receive for the sale or conversion. The goal of attribution modeling is to help you better understand how different marketing campaigns and channels all work together to influence shopper conversions.


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