Cross-Channel Attribution Dashboard

The AdRoll Cross-Channel Attribution dashboard gives you the building blocks to start thinking more deeply about the cross-channel customer experience.

How it works

Leveraging the data we gather via our onsite pixel, UTM-tagged marketing channels are captured and brought together into a unified reporting dashboard.


You can take a big step forward into understanding how your channels work together and give you glimpse into what measurement can do to help you curate the most successful customer journeys.

Dashboard features

With our Cross-Channel Attribution dashboard, you'll be able to:

  1. Create UTMs to implement in your marketing platforms.


  2. Bring all your UTM-sourced campaigns into a single view and identify contributions to Attributed Conversions, Assisted Conversions, and Attributed Revenue.


  3. View and analyze customer journey paths by Average Order Value, Revenue, and Path Length to understand the channels effectively working together and influencing visitor behavior.


  4. Compare and apply unified multi-touch attribution models to help you capture the entire customer journey and assign credit based on your individual business needs.


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