What's New: October 2019

We're always working to improve your AdRoll experience. Here are the latest and greatest to help you grow your business.

Meet your ideal shopper with our new product: Brand Awareness 

It can be tempting to set your sights on conversions, revenue and leads and forget where it all begins: brand awareness. Just like you wouldn’t flip to the end of a book and expect to get the full value of the story, your approach to marketing shouldn’t ignore the pivotal moment when a potential customer becomes aware of your brand or product.

Discover how Brand Awareness helps you find new customers:


State of the Art Cookie Consent Tool 

Our previous cookie consent tool only had the Allow/Learn more model and it takes multiple clicks for the user to reject cookies. Since GDPR went into effect, more clarity has been provided on what will pass as valid consent in the eyes of regulators.  As a result, we have made some updates to the NextRoll Cookie Consent Tool that aligns with the latest regulatory guidance must show the explicit Allow/Reject model on the first page of the tool. Learn more


Easily Update Facebook Access to your Campaigns

If you no longer want AdRoll to have advertiser access to your FB campaigns for one or more of your accounts, you can now remove Facebook page access right from your settings page. Remove or change Facebook page access by visiting your Settings page > Facebook > click ‘Change’ or ‘Remove’. Learn how


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