What's New: September 2019

We're always working to improve your AdRoll experience. Here are the latest and greatest to help you grow your business.

Introducing the AdRoll Beta Program!

Get early access to new features, try products before anyone else, and join the community of expert marketers shaping the future of marketing and advertising technology.

As a member of the AdRoll Beta Program, you’ll be able to: 

  • Meet one-on-one with product designers and developers to receive personalized support and give direct product feedback
  • Get Early Access: Test drive the newest release, and get a headstart on optimizing campaign performance before everyone else
  • Join Customer Advisory Board: Become a member of the Customer Advisory Board to connect with other ambitious marketers, and share insights that shape AdRoll’s future

Join our beta

Run Awareness & Purchase Campaigns Together to Scale Your Marketing Efforts

Seamlessly run brand awareness campaigns—including web and Facebook lookalike campaigns—together with your retargeting campaigns, for even more impact. Learn how


Personalize Your Messaging with Location-Based Targeting 

Target specific cities for your brand awareness and retargeting campaigns, across the globe. Tailor your messaging, creative, or promotions to a specific city’s vernacular.  Show me how


Get Your Hands on the New Digital Ad Size Cheat Sheet 

Do you know the best practices when it comes to ad sizes? To make things less complicated, we’ve provided the creative requirements for all display, banner, and social ad formats. Get my cheat sheet


Keep Tabs on Your AdRoll Pixel Health with New PixelPal Chrome Extension

After placing the AdRoll pixel on your site, have you ever wondered if it is working? Get PixelPal to help you determine whether your pixel is firing correctly and troubleshoot any tracking errors. 


Save Time Uploading Multiple Ads to Your Campaigns

To help you streamline ad creation, you can now apply ad creative titles, URLs, and CTAs in bulk with the new Apply to All feature in the Ad Upload Tool. 


More Image Real Estate for Your Facebook Ads 

Facebook recently updated their creative best practices, recommending advertisers to use a square (1:1) image across all placements.


Depreciating Flash Ads Support

Adobe Flash Ads have known security vulnerabilities that allow hackers to launch malicious attacks through web browsers. Given the high security risk, Flash Ads are no longer available and cannot be added to new or existing campaigns.


New Advertising Policies and Privacy Requirements

We’ve updated our Advertising Policies and Privacy Requirements to provide AdRoll customers with complete transparency regarding advertising principles and guidelines. 





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