Advance Tracking Dashboard Overview

How to access Advance Tracking

Access your Cross-Channel Attribution dashboard from the side navigation bar on the left side of your AdRoll dashboard.


Navigating your Cross-Channel dashboard

After you've connected your channels and added the tracking macros to partner vendors, AdRoll Advance Tracking will start to track your campaigns and pull performance into your dashboard.

Note: Please allow up to 7 days for your dashboard to populate with campaign performance data. After the 7 day collection period, you’ll be able to navigate to the dashboard and view your cross-channel marketing data.

Overall Marketing Mix Performance

Your holistic and by-channel data will be represented in our trend line chart. Here, you can filter to see the performance of a specific channel, all channels, or a direct comparison of one vs. another. 


As you compare your channels and analyze your marketing mix performance, you will be looking through the lens of a cross-channel model. This means the credit that you are assigning to each partner has been de-duplicated and distributed using your selected attribution model. 

Cross-Channel Customer Journeys 

In addition to the trends over time for your key variables, you can begin to explore the different customer journeys your users are experiencing. This will help you understand how your model is assigning credit as well as see the moments in the journey that are truly driving your users to purchase. 

Your On-Demand Business Intelligence Team: Compare Attribution Models 


See how different models distribute credit across key performance metrics and confidently evolve your attribution model to understand how your customers interact with your brand across all your marketing channels. 

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