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⭐️ How to Get Started (Premium)

What is AdRoll Measure (Premium)?

Engage your most valuable shoppers and make smarter decisions about ad spend, with a holistic view of all the marketing touchpoints that influence shoppers’ behavior. AdRoll Measure helps you break out of your data silos by bringing all of your cross-channel campaign performance into one platform. Know which channels and activities drive conversions and see their impact on bottom-line business metrics, such as revenue.

Measure helps you:

  • Apply multi-touch attribution models to your campaigns and assign credit across the entire customer journey.

  • View and analyze customer journey paths to understand how your channels work together and influencing shoppers’ behavior.

  • Make smarter budgeting decisions with side-by-side channel performance comparisons.

Fueled by proprietary click and impression tags, AdRoll Measure looks at your different touchpoints and allows you to apply a sophisticated multi-touch attribution model, so you capture the entire customer journey and can accurately assign credit.

How to Get Started

  1. We'll confirm that your pixel is firing.

  2. Define your conversion audience.

    • We recommend revenue tracking, but you have flexibility to define what a conversion is to you.
  3. Connect your marketing channels.

    • We ingest cost and delivery data for select channels, which allows us to directly pull in spend metrics and highlight any discrepancy issues between partner vendors and performance reported in AdRoll Measure. 
  4. Tag campaigns to start tracking cross-channel performance.

    • Take our generated click and view tags and append them to your campaigns so we can track your unified customer journey.

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