What are dynamic native ads?

Native ads appear as a part of the design of the web page they’re on. Rather than standing out as an ad, native ads tend to have an editorial look and feel, with a softer selling approach.

A dynamic native ad typically showcases one product image pulled from your product feed, your company name, a title, and a description.

Format Guidelines 

Size 600x315 only
Title Up to 25 characters, macros permitted (@title for Product Name or @price for the Product Price)
Description Up to 125 characters, macros permitted (@title for Product Name or @price for the Product Price)
Brand Name Up to 30 characters
Call to Action Select from 12 CTAs
UTM Parameters (text) Up to 768 characters
Destination URL Automatically pulled from product feed
Product Name and Image Automatically pulled from product feed

Note: Macros are strings of text that are replaced by a value or code when the ad gets served. For example, @title will be replaced with the actual title of the advertised product. This information is obtained directly from your product feed. We strongly encourage combining macros with static copy. 

Create Dynamic Native Ads

Create dynamic ads in the Ads Library. Before you create dynamic ads, you'll need to set up your product feed.

  1. Once you set up your product feed, navigate to Asset Management in the left navigation menu and click Ad Library.
  2. Click Create and select Create Dynamic Ads from the drop-down
  3. Scroll down to the section on the left titled Native Dynamic Product Ads. Fill out the fields for native dynamic ads and preview the ads on the right. The products shown in the previews are examples and will change dynamically when the ads serve.
  4. Click Create. This will create dynamic ads of all formats, including web and social. If you’d like to edit the fields for other dynamic ad types, make sure to also edit the fields pertaining to other ad types. 
  5. These will now appear in your ad library and be available for selection in any of your new/existing campaigns. 
  6. Dynamic ad names default to YYYYmonDD - Dynamic ad size. If you’d like to edit the ad names of the ads you’ve just created, navigate to the ad library. You can easily find the ads you’ve just created by sorting by date created. Select the ad(s) you’d like to re-name, and click Edit.

Note: Native dynamic ads appear in the Ad Library with a sample placeholder image. The image below is NOT how the ad will look like to your visitors — the picture will be replaced by a product from your product feed.


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