Build a Product Recommendation Carousel

AdRoll’s AI-driven product recommendations create personalized cross-channel experiences that convert, using dynamic ad, email, and online store content that updates based on shopping behavior.  


In order to run product recommendations, you'll need to connect your product feed to AdRoll. A product feed is a file containing information about all of the products on your website. Product recommendations leverage content from your product feed file to be loaded to build and display a product carousel

Contact our Customer Support team to help get your product feed set up.

Note: If you're using Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, or PrestaShop, you get access to our high-performing dynamic ads and product recommendation engine at no additional charge.

Build Your Product Recommendation Carousel

Use the previews to edit your carousel before you upload it to your store.

1. Choose your carousel placement and layout for mobile and desktop. 


2. Select the Product tabs you want to display: Popular, For You, and Recents. You can also set up your own tab.  'Popular' will work after 24 hours of creating a product feed, 'For You' and 'Recents' only start appearing after customers have browsed and interacted with the site.  


3. Select the Cart Icon and Cart Text that you want to appear on your carousel.



4. Choose your Background Color and Text Color for the carousel's closed state.


5. Define your carousel placement preferences.


6. Click Preview to view your carousel on your website. 


6. Click Edit Carousel to make any changes or click Upload to Store to publish.



7. Click Remove from Store to pause your product recommendation carousel. 



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