Build a Product Recommendation Carousel

AdRoll’s AI-driven product recommendations create personalized cross-channel experiences that convert, using dynamic ad, email, and online store content that updates based on shopping behavior.  


In order to run product recommendations, you'll need to connect your product feed to AdRoll. A product feed is a file containing information about all of the products on your website. Product recommendations leverage content from your product feed file to be loaded to build and display a product carousel

Contact our Customer Support team to help get your product feed set up.

Note: If you're using Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, or PrestaShop, you get access to our high-performing dynamic ads and product recommendation engine at no additional charge.

Build your Product Recommendation Carousel

Our carousel builder makes it simple to create and customize your product recommendation and publish it on your site. 

Editing options include:

  • Placement
  • Desktop and mobile layouts
  • Tabs
  • Styles
  • Hide Powered by AdRoll watermark



Decide which pages you would like your product recommendation carousel to appear. You can select from the available page types under Standard or add it to a particular page on your site using logical expression under Add a Page.


Desktop and mobile layout

You can determine the size and positioning of your product recommendation carousel for both your desktop site and mobile site.

Inline automatically sets your carousel near the footer of your page and scrolls with your page content.

With Overlay, gives you more options in the size and position of your carousel while staying fixed on the page while scrolling.



Recommended products in your carousel will be grouped into these separate tabs.


For You and Recents tabs will only start appearing after customers have browsed and interacted with your site. Popular will work after 24 hours of creating a product feed.



You can do subtle to granular customizations to your product recommendation carousel such as changing the text and background colors, cart or bag icons, etc.


Hide Powered by AdRoll watermark


If you are on the Growth plan, you have the ability to toggle off the Powered by AdRoll watermark.


Preview on your site

Click on the Desktop Preview or Mobile Preview to see what your product recommendation will look like on either desktop or mobile pages. Store Preview will give you a preview of the carousel on your site on a new tab instead of within the carousel builder.


Publish on your site

Once you're ready to set your product recommendation carousel live on your site, click Publish on the top right on the page.


Congratulations! Your product recommendation carousel is live on your website. 

For your carousel reporting, check out Product Recommendation dashboard overview.

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