Create a Brand Awareness Campaign for Web

Set Up Your Campaign

  1. Go to Ads tab in the left navigation menu 

  2. Click Create Campaign in the upper right, select Web Ad Campaign, and then select either Lookalike Targeting on WebDemographic & Interest Targeting on Web,or Contextual Targeting on Web from the campaign selection modal and click Create.

  3. Set your campaign name, budget, optimization strategy, and dates. Under Advanced Options, you have the option to create AdGroups, set up day parting, or set frequency caps.

    • For a Demographic & Interest campaign, you must select at least one source audience.

Define Location Targeting

Setting a location target is required for Brand Awareness campaigns. You can include or exclude up to 10,000 countries, states, cities, or zip codes, but you must positively target at least one location.

Attach Ads

We recommend using branding and lifestyle images to draw in people who may not be familiar with your brand.

  1. Click Upload to upload static web ads, video assets, and to create a video ad (Recommended).

  2. Click Create to make Native ads (Recommended).

  3. If you need help making ads, click Request Ads to have our team make a set for you.


Choose a billing method or input a new billing method, then click Launch.

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