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AdRoll Attract for Web


You must have at least 100 users cookied by your pixel in order to set up an Attract campaign. You can check how many users you have by going to the Audience tab found in the top navigation bar. 

Set Up Your Campaign

  1. Go to your Campaigns tab.

  2. Create Campaign button in the upper right section of the page.

  3. Select Websites & Apps from the drop-down menu.

  4. Select Prospect Only. 

  5. Set your campaign name, budget, optimization strategy, and dates. Under Advanced Options, you have the option to create AdGroups, day parting, or frequency caps.

Define Your Audience

  1. Under Audience you may choose to keep the default setting of Automatic, which looks at your entire site audience and algorithmically chooses the best segments to build the audience from, or you can choose manual to select a specific segment. 

    1. We recommend using Automatic, which allows our system to freely choose the best segments.

    2. If you want to manually choose a segment, it must have at least 100 cookies in it.

Attach Ads

We recommend using branding and lifestyle images to draw new customers in who may not be familiar with your brand.

  1. Click Upload to upload static web ads.

  2. Click Upload to upload video assets and create a video ad. (strongly recommended for Attract Campaigns)

  3. Click Create to make Native ads. (strongly recommended for Attract Campaigns)

  4. If you need help making ads, click Request Ads to have our team make a set for you.


  1. Choose a billing method or input a new billing method, then click Launch.



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